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Researchers develop 3D printed sensor embedded prosthetic arm for toddlers

Researchers from the University of Lincoln, UK, have developed a prototype for a 3D printed, sensor-operated prosthetic arm designed for children under two-years-old. In an article published in IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters, a Soft-Grasp Infant Myoelectric Prosthetic Arm (SIMPA) was created using 3D scanning, additive manufacturing, and an armband-based Surface Electromyography (sEMG) system.   “Many traditional... Read More »

Mayo Clinic is Using 3D Printing to Teach the Next Generation of Spine Surgeons

Resident life is hard. After years of living, studying, and breathing medicine, they are finally one step closer to officially being able to practice. Medical residencies can take three years for primary care physicians, but some surgical specialties require even more training time to develop new procedures without risking lives, sometimes up to seven years.... Read More »

Dynamism Showcases Leading 3D Printers at RAPID + TCT

New advancements in 3D printing are giving manufacturers better options to improve efficiency. To save time and costs, companies are increasing utilization of 3D printing for jigs, figures, and creating parts in-house rather than outsourcing them to third-party manufacturers. Dynamism offers many of these leading edge 3D printers, with expert pre-sales advice, installation and training,... Read More »

Ultimaker S5 3D printer technical specifications and pricing

Ultimaker, a producer of desktop 3D printers, has unveiled the Ultimaker S5, its first 3D printer since 2016. It is aimed at professionals using 3D printing for prototypes, tools and end-use parts. Building on the Ultimaker 3, the S5 features a larger build volume and a range of ease-of-use enhancements. The new Ultimaker S5 3D... Read More »