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Bulbasaur Planter #3DPrinting

Made by michaeldmagee and featured on on Thingiverse. This print was based off of darkblue52‘s print. via Thingiverse Based on LeoDuhVinci’s Model: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:633081Only change i made is to add vent to the drain hole (which is on a flat bottom on his model, and has difficulty draining if placed on a flat surface) to the... Read More »

Pikachu X Kakashi

Merging the worlds of Pokemon and Naruto, this print by PatrickFanart on Thingiverse is absolutely adorable. 皮卡丘 X 卡卡西 (精靈寶可夢/火影忍者)Pikachu X Kakashi (Pokémon/Naruto) See... Read More »