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Interview with Firoza Kothari of Anatomiz3D

OEMs, materials companies and medical device firms are doing a lot of work with 3D Printing. What we’re not seeing is a lot of medical startups in the field. We’re not really seeing services emerge that facilitate medical models, medical device work or the development of medical solutions. Many people will tell you that patient-specific... Read More »

RobotFactory.it’s Andrea Martini, “We Make Machines Engineered with Extreme Care”

A few years ago in around 2012 I started to see some innovative 3D printers emerge from a workshop in Venice. These RobotFactory.it printers showed a lot of craftsmanship, tight tolerances and high-quality parts & finishing. I was blown away the first time I saw one. Most desktop machines at the time we rather rickety... Read More »

Interview with Glassomer’s Dorothea Helmer: 3D Printing Fused Silica Glass on Desktop SLA Machines

Dr. rer. nat. Dorothea Helmer specializes in organic and inorganic chemistry and works at Glassomer. Along with Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Bastian E. Rapp and Dr.-Ing. Frederik Kotz she co-founded the company. Glassomer is trying to solve one of the most difficult and elusive problems in 3D printing, 3D printing glass, and optically clear components. The... Read More »

Interview with Mitch Debora of Mosaic Manufacturing on the Palette

Mitch Debora is the CEO of Mosaic Manufacturing. His company came out with the innovative Palette in 2018 which let users mix different filaments in desktop FDM 3D printers and then improved it with the Palette 2. The Palette is an add on to existing printers and can broaden the scope of things that people... Read More »

Ron Faruqui of 3DGence “We’re not trying to sell 3D Printers”

Ron Faruki is the North American President of Polish high-temperature FDM 3D printer manufacturer 3D Gence. 3D Gence came out of nowhere a few years ago with a capable high-temperature machine. Further refinements in successive models have placed them near the top of highly reliable high-temperature 3D printer manufacturers worldwide. The ability to print members... Read More »

Duann Scott on nTopology’s “Programming Language for Geometries”

Sometimes you make mistakes, I helped get Duann Scott a job at Shapeways and like some winding triangle constructed Banquo’s ghost he’s haunted all my tradeshows since. After stints at Shapeways and Autodesk, he’s now landed a plum job at something called nTopology, ntop for intimi. Unable to fly, fly, fly much longer I decided... Read More »

Interview Davide Ardizzoia of 3ntr “Most of our customers are 3D printing 24/7”

3ntr is different from most in 3D printing in that it is a family-owned company that has been around for over 60 years. The firm used to make metal and polymer parts for lingerie. Bra underwires and those little bra hooks were their specialties. To stay competitive in a hyper-competitive market the company started to... Read More »

Mayo Clinic is Using 3D Printing to Teach the Next Generation of Spine Surgeons

Resident life is hard. After years of living, studying, and breathing medicine, they are finally one step closer to officially being able to practice. Medical residencies can take three years for primary care physicians, but some surgical specialties require even more training time to develop new procedures without risking lives, sometimes up to seven years.... Read More »

Interview with Lockheed: “Orion Spacecraft Has 200 3D Printed Components”

In 2006, NASA selected Lockheed Martin to design, develop, and build Orion, set to embark on both manned and unmanned missions, it is the agency’s newest deep space exploration spaceship that will eventually carry astronauts from the Earth to the Moon, and back. As part of a plan to extend a sustained human presence beyond... Read More »

Michael Gorski of Filament Innovations On FDM for Manufacturing

I kept hearing from people about Michael Gorski and Filament Innovations. I was repeatably told that in Pennsylvania a small firm was making open FDM systems made for manufacturing. I’ve predicted for a number of years now that the small scale open desktop FDM systems, first not suitable for much of anything, would morph into... Read More »

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