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Google ATAP Lab Saves Time and Money During Pre-Production with Formlabs 3D Printing Technology

High Temp Resin Last month, Formlabs released a reformulated version of its High Temp Resin, which is part of its Engineering Resins family and features the highest heat deflection temperature (HDT) of any of its resins. The material can be used for testing, prototyping, and in production processes, which Google’s in-house technology incubator and laboratory, the Advanced... Read More »

6 Times 3D Printing Made It to the Silver Screen

6 Times 3D Printing Made It to the Silver Screen by elizabeth | January 22, 2019 With the hype around the Golden Globes earlier this month and the excitement in the air around today’s Oscar nomination announcement, we thought we would take a look back to see when 3D printing was used in some of... Read More »

This #3DPrinted Chair with #CircuitPlaygroundExpress was made for Musical Chairs #MusicMonday

[embedded content] Another fun project from 8 Bits and a Byte on YouTube: A musical chair to play the game of musical chairs with random household sounds. Made using Adafruit’s Circuit Playground, Processing, Pure Data and a 3D printed chair.... Read More »

March 3DPrint.com Crash Courses: Sign Up Now with the Early Bird Rate

Want to learn 3D printing online? Throughout the month of March, we are running one-week intensive online courses for all levels. Register today—it’s the last day to get the early bird rate. March will be full of 3D printing madness here at 3DPrint.com. Over the course of the month, we are offering four interactive online... Read More »

Swiss Hospital Will Use axial3D’s Software Platform to Improve Patient Care with 3D Printed Medical Models

[Image: axial3D] The award-winning, Belfast-based medical 3D printing and healthcare technology firm axial3D is focused on helping the global healthcare industry adopt 3D printing by using its patient-specific medical models to improve surgical outcomes, assist patients and doctors in better understanding ailments and treatments, and facilitate pre-operative planning. Now, on the heels of a new partnership with Tallahassee Memorial... Read More »

3D Printed Prosthetics and Simulator Could Lead to Optimized Devices

In a thesis entitled “Optimizing 3D Printed Prosthetic Hand and Simulator,” author Stephen Estelle discusses an investigation of the use of an upper extremity prosthetic simulator for those who are not missing limbs – for example, for schools or research facilities. No standardized prosthetic simulator exists for these facilities, Estelle says. He discusses using 3D... Read More »

#3DPrinting Projects in 2018 #3DThursday by @ecken @videopixil

[embedded content] Lots of fun #3dprinted #Adafruit projects this year, here’s our favorites! See them all on learn.adafruit.com #diy #electronics Motorized Camera Slider MK3https://learn.adafruit.com/motorized-camera-slider-mk3 LED Sandhttps://learn.adafruit.com/animated-led-sand Thermal Camerahttps://learn.adafruit.com/thermal-camera-with-display Cookie Rollerhttps://learn.adafruit.com/circuit-cookie-roller Media Dailhttps://learn.adafruit.com/media-dial CircuitPython Sound Boxhttps://learn.adafruit.com/circuitpython-sound-box Wire Spool Carouselhttps://learn.adafruit.com/wire-spool-carousel Desktop Fume Extractorhttps://learn.adafruit.com/desktop-fume-extractor 3D Printed Tesla Cable Holderhttps://learn.adafruit.com/3d-printed-tesla-cable-mount Car Qi Chargerhttps://learn.adafruit.com/tesla-qi-charger Automatic Dice Rollerhttps://learn.adafruit.com/automatic-dice-roller Webcam Cover-Up Lego... Read More »

3D Printing News Briefs: January 19, 2019

Welcome to the first edition of 3D Printing News Briefs in 2019! We took a brief hiatus at the beginning of the new year, and now we’re back, bringing you the latest business, medical, and metal 3D printing news. First up, Sigma Labs has been awarded a new Test and Evaluation Program Contract, and Laser... Read More »

IoT Camera Mover #celebratephotography

From Arduino “having11” Guy on Hackster.io: In making videos for my projects I have often wanted to get a smooth shot of a part, such as a pan of an Arduino Nano. I have seen about 3 projects where people made devices that could pan a camera, but they were either not internet-connected or they... Read More »

3D Printing Metals Onto Fabric for Inexpensive Antenna, Sensors and Wearables

A group of researchers from Imperial College London has developed a technique for 3D printing metals such as silver, gold and platinum onto natural fabrics. The process could also be used to incorporate batteries, wireless technologies and sensors into paper and cotton textiles. These technologies could have several applications, including new low-cost medical diagnostic tools, wirelessly... Read More »

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