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Optomec updates LENS system to 3D print in copper

New Mexico’s Optomec has reached what it is calling a “major milestone” for its Laser Engineered Net Shaping (LENS) direct energy deposition (DED) process. Catering to the popular heat exchanger market and other high-conductivity applications, the company has developed process parameters for the production of pure copper parts. Incredibly challenging for laser-based processes due to the... Read More »

XYZprinting introduces PartPro120 xP DLP 3D printer – Technical specifications and pricing

XYZprinting, a Taiwanese 3D printer manufacturer, has introduced its latest DLP system known as the PartPro120 xP.  With a print volume of up to 114 x 64 x 100mm, this 3D printer is said to deliver speeds 75 times faster than comparable DLP systems using XYZprinting’s Ultra-Fast Film technology. Fernando Hernandez, EMEA MD of XYZprinting, stated:... Read More »

DMG MORI launches LASERTEC 125 3D hybrid additive manufacturing machine

DMG MORI, a leading machine tool manufacturer, has launched a new hybrid additive manufacturing system, named the LASERTEC 125 3D hybrid.  Presented at Formnext 2019, the LASERTEC 125 is a 5-axis laser deposition welding (LDW) system designed for the maintenance, repair and production of significantly larger parts, including workpieces up to ø 1,250 x 745... Read More »

Lumi Industries launches LumiCube LCD 3D printer – Technical specifications and pricing

Lumi Industries, a 3D printer manufacturer based in Italy, has launched a new LCD 3D printer, named the Lumi³ (LumiCube).  Making its debut at Formnext 2019, the LumiCube is a desktop system reportedly designed to be “precise,” “reliable” and “easy to use.” The 3D printer can be used for applications in dental, jewelry, miniatures, and product... Read More »

Interview with Lockheed: “Orion Spacecraft Has 200 3D Printed Components”

In 2006, NASA selected Lockheed Martin to design, develop, and build Orion, set to embark on both manned and unmanned missions, it is the agency’s newest deep space exploration spaceship that will eventually carry astronauts from the Earth to the Moon, and back. As part of a plan to extend a sustained human presence beyond... Read More »

E3D Online releases Hemera dual-drive extrusion system

E3D Online, an award-winning 3D printer components OEM, has released its latest dual-drive extrusion system, Hemera. The product was initially called Hermes, but changed after intervention from a company already using the name. The system incorporates the company’s V6 hotend with a new filament drive designed to process flexible filaments at 50mm/s.  “Hemera has been a... Read More »

Formnext 2019 3D printing news you might have missed

Formnext 2019 may have been and gone, but there is still news to catch up on. Here is a digest of 3D printing updates from the largest additive manufacturing conference. Reporting live from the show, backed by a team covering all of the latest press releases from the event, 3D Printing Industry provided leading coverage from... Read More »

Fluicell is Preparing to be the Next Big Player in Sweden’s Bioprinting Field

Creating innovative tools and high-tech systems for life science researchers around the globe has turned up some fascinating new companies in the last few years; and with Europe currently housing over 35% of biotechnology companies worldwide, we can expect some enticing new discoveries to come. Sweden is certainly not lagging behind, with a buoyant environment... Read More »

UpNano: Forging Ahead in Microfabrication With Two-Photon Polymerization

Cell biology has very particular characteristics. During the last decade, researchers and scientists have astounded us with their discoveries in bioprinting and regenerative medicine, proving that a great deal of what happens at the lab is basically knowing and understanding cells. These microscopic structures are the foundation of most projects where cells are patterned to... Read More »

ROBOZE establishes itself as a challenger in large scale high performance 3D printing

International 3D printer producer ROBOZE recently presented at Formnext 2019 – the largest 3D printing show of the year. With the scope to launch a new machine, materials and auxiliary units, as well as closing a partnership with Solvay, the company reflected the market’s validation for its unique approach to the large scale 3D printing... Read More »

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