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Modix Announces MAMA, A Modular XXL 3D Printer

November 11, 2019Leave a Comment Modix, an Israel-based 3D printer manufacturer that specializes in large-format extrusion 3D printers, will soon be unveiling their largest printer yet: MAMA (Modular Additive Manufacturing Assembler). Being fully modular means its build volume is customizable, from 1x1x1 meters to 2x5x1 meters, allowing customers to install the configuration that best suits... Read More »

3D Printing Congress in Argentina: Novel Ideas and a Harsh Landscape Ahead

A new edition of the 3D Printing Congress in Argentina wrapped up last Thursday after two days of workshops, supplier stands and speakers talking about the challenges and solutions of manufacturing using 3D printing. From biomaterials to resins, 3D printing in the automotive industry, 3D medical simulators and biomedical inventions, some of the most innovative... Read More »

Researchers from NCSU and UNC Create a 3D Biomedical Fiber Printer

It’s been 10 weeks since the NFL 2019 season began and already dozens of players have suffered soft tissue injuries. Arizona Cardinals wide receiver Christian Kirk is recovering from an ankle sprain while T.Y. Hilton from the Indianapolis Colts re-aggravated a quadriceps strain he sustained earlier this year just five weeks into the season. But... Read More »

RAM System Allows Large-Scale Thermoset 3D Printing

November 8, 2019Leave a Comment Magnum Venus Products (MVP) has recently unveiled a large-scale Reactive Additive Manufacturing (RAM) system that can process fiber-reinforced thermosets. In using this type of polymer, RAM unlocks new benefits for large-scale prints such as increased strength and reduced cost compared to printing thermoplastics. RAM was developed in conjunction with Oak... Read More »

Interview with Hans Fouche on his African Large Scale Pellet 3D Printer the Cheetah

Hans Fouche-Inventor and Founder at Fouche 3D Printing Hans Fouche is an Inventor and Engineer, who is fascinated with 3D Printing. In this interview, we discuss his invention, which is the Cheetah 3D printer and his outlook on the African 3D printing landscape. Can you give us your background in 3D printing and additive manufacturing?... Read More »

3D Printing News Briefs: November 8, 2019

We’ve got plenty of business news for you in today’s 3D Printing News Briefs, starting with 3devo’s upcoming expansion to the United States. Optomec just shipped its 500th 3D printing system, SelfCAD released a new software update, and Cubicure developed a flame retardant material for SLA 3D printing. A Nobel Laureate is joining XJet to... Read More »

Fluicell introduces high resolution 3D bioprinter, the Biopixlar

Fluicell, a medical technology company spun out from the Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden has launched a high-resolution 3D bioprinter called Biopixlar. This system is an all-in-one discovery platform designed to build novel tissue models for drug development, as well as disease and regenerative medicine research. [embedded content] Fluicell biotechnology Founded in 2012, Fluicell develops platforms for... Read More »

INTERVIEW: ExOne launches high volume X1 160PRO metal 3D printer

Leading binder jet 3D printer manufacturer ExOne has launched the X1 160PRO. The largest machine from the company to date, the system has been developed for high volume, or large scale, production of end-use parts and castings. It is the product of more than two decades of expertise in the 3D printing industry from the... Read More »

VELO3D Releases Assure for 3D Metal Printing: Stratasys Direct Manufacturing as First Customer

With the release of the VELO3D Assure™ Quality Assurance and Control System for its Sapphire® 3D metal printers, VELO3D also brings on board a heavy hitter in their first customer as Stratasys Direct Manufacturing, a subsidiary of Stratasys, Ltd., will be the first to integrate Assure into their manufacturing processes. VELO3D’s Assure™ quality control dashboard... Read More »

AnelleO: 3D Printing to Create Devices for HIV Prevention, Birth Control and Infertility

Women and girls are disproportionately affected by the HIV/AIDS epidemic, comprising more than half of the estimated 37.9 million people living with the disease. Moreover, according to United Nations AIDS, some regions of the world, like sub-Saharan Africa, have an even higher burden, with women and girls constituting over 57% of the affected population, compared... Read More »

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