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Researchers 3D Print Shrimp Claw to Generate Underwater Plasma

Texas A&M University researchers are using 3D printing to develop a method of underwater plasma generation inspired by shrimp. Benefits of the method could be in drilling and water sterilization.  Researchers from Texas A&M University are 3D printing replicas of snapping or pistol shrimp claws to help them develop a method of underwater plasma generation... Read More »

Light provides control for 3D printing with multiple materials

3D printing has revolutionized the fields of healthcare, biomedical engineering, manufacturing and art design. Successful applications have come despite the fact that most 3D printing techniques can only produce parts made of one material at a time. More complex applications could be developed if 3D printers could use different materials and create multi-material parts. New... Read More »

McDonald’s will offer completely 3D printed burgers by 2020

Fast food giant McDonald’s has just announced the creation of a brand new 3D printed burger, its 3D Mic Mac. Restaurants should be equipped with 3D printers by the end of 2020 in order to offer this customisable hamburger. According to the company, 3D Mic Mac can be preserved for longer than traditional burgers, significantly... Read More »

Stratasys color 3D printing technology now validated by Pantone

As competition in full-color 3D printing grows, the pioneer in multi-color material jetting (PolyJet) technology Stratasys has become the first 3D printer manufacturer to sign an agreement with Pantone, the global authority and provider of physical and digital color standards for full design-to-production workflow. Under terms of the agreement, Stratasys becomes the first 3D printing solutions provider with technology... Read More »

More than 10 million parts 3D printed last year with HP MJF technology

According to a report by HP, more than 10 million parts were printed with its Multi Jet Fusion technology last year. It’s a significant number for the tech company, which just a year ago announced it had totalled a number of 3.5 million parts printed since its launch in 2016, 50% of which were for end-use applications. HP’s portfolio... Read More »


SLM Solutions, a German metal 3D printer manufacturer, has announced that it will integrate the digital security platform of San Francisco-based Identify3D into its workflow. The partnership is an effort to protect intellectual property (IP) in additive manufacturing. CTO of SLM Solutions Dr. Gereon Heinemann, said, “SLM Solutions recognizes the trend as additive transforms manufacturing into a... Read More »

GE Additive to Consult GA-ASI Aeronautics on Metal 3D Printing

Aeronautics company General Atomics Aeronautical Systems Inc(GA-ASI) will be consulted by GE Additive’s AddWorks service to accelerate their metal 3D printing plans. While GA-ASI may not be a household name, their products often appear on the evening news. They manufacture the MQ-9 Reaper and Predator C Avenger Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA) platforms, better known as drones, as well as advanced electronics,... Read More »

The Oil and Gas Business is Catching Up with 3D Printing

Billions of people depend on the oil and gas industry. In 2018 the global demand for crude oil alone was more than 99 million barrels per day, that’s a 16% increase compared to 2006 and a 62% increase if we go as far back as the 1980’s. OPEC calls it “the engine of the world economy”, Saudi Arabia has... Read More »

3D Printing Spiderman in 30 Pieces

A 3D printing company based in India additively manufactured a larger than life-sized Spiderman model in two days. They glued 30 parts together in three hours to create the almost two-meter tall model.  An Indian 3D printing company that specializes in rapid prototyping produced a 1.9-meter Spiderman model for a local store in the city... Read More »

Digital Artisan, JSR and Castem create 3D printed Formless generative heels

Digital Artisan, a Japanese design lab has teamed up with chemicals company JSR Corporation, , Castem, a manufacturer of precision casting parts, to create “Generative Heel – Formless” high heel shoes using 3D printing technology. Masaharu Ono, director of Digital Artisan lead the design and modeling of the Formless heels with the help from Japanese... Read More »

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