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Could 3D Printed Food Improve Emotional Communication with Your Partner?

Lancaster University and deep tech UX agency Dovetailed are collaborating on a study to discover how couples can use 3D printed food to support emotional communication. Are you and your partner struggling with emotional communication? Lancaster University and Dovetailed, the deep tech UX agency, are collaborating on a study to figure out whether the answer... Read More »

BMBF project IDAM to enable metallic 3D printing in automotive series production

On March 27, 2019, the joint project IDAM held its kick-off meeting in Munich, which was intended to lead the way for furthering the use of AM processes in automotive series production. The project partners, including 11 leading industry stakeholders and SMEs, are eager to transfer metallic 3D printing into an industrialized and highly automated... Read More »

Unsmashable 3D printed guitar imagined by Sandvik

Sandvik, an expert in metal additive manufacturing, has developed an original 3D printed guitar: it is apparently unbreakable. No matter how much force the musician uses to smash it against the ground, it should not break. Guitar smashing, which began to appear on stage in the 1960s, is an integral part of the artists’ show and... Read More »

Formlabs re-engineers resin 3D printing with launch of Form 3 and Form 3L

Boston-based 3D printing company, Formlabs has today launched two new professional 3D printers at the Additive Manufacturing Users Group Conference in Chicago. Based on a new Low Force Stereolithography (LFS) technology, the Form 3 and Form 3L are said to deliver an advanced form of SLA that enables consistently flawless parts. LFS uses a flexible tank to reduce the... Read More »

Emery ONE: AREVO producing world’s first 3D printed carbon fiber unibody eBike frame

AREVO, a Silicon Valley company specializing in composite 3D printing, made headlines last year for 3D printing what it called the “world’s first true 3D printed commuter bike.” The use case, undertaken in partnership with Studio West, demonstrated AREVO’s ability to rapidly go from design to production. In total, the 3D printed composite bike was... Read More »

Aguahoja: MIT Lab Prints Water-based Biopolymer Construct

Sustainable materials development is a major line of research within the additive manufacturing industry. While 3D printing uses many materials, the most prominent ones (i.e. thermoplastics) are quite environmentally damaging. To curb this problem, MIT’s Mediated Matter lab may have found a possible solution. Their Aguahoja project allows for the printing sustainable, water-based biopolymer composites and structures. The team also... Read More »


Ruselectronics, a Russian holding corporation and a subsidiary of state-owned Rostec, is developing an electron beam metal 3D printer for aerospace applications. The research and development work will be carried out by Toriy Scientific Production Association (НПП Торий). Toriy is a subsidiary of Ruselectronics and specializes in electron beam welding, microwave tubes, and communication systems. Dmitry Trofimov from Toriy, said,... Read More »

Samsung Galaxy Fingerprint Lock Hacked With 3D Printing

While modern technologies allow for a lot new possibilities, they also create new headaches and paranoias. 3D printing is no different, from stories about 3D printed guns to packaging for drug-smuggling. Now, an imgur user has shown how to unlock the Samsung Galaxy S10’s fingerprint scanning feature using a 3D printed replica. A video shows how the user... Read More »

Imgur User Beats New Samsung Galaxy S10 ID Scanner with 3D Printed Fingerprint

While we have become well familiarized with the concept that ‘there is an app for that,’ today another common statement in tech-savvy circles is ‘well, you know you could 3D print that!’ The hope is that everyone is using their powers for good. As we find out more about how Imgur user darksharkused 3D printing to... Read More »

Open Bionics teams with Hanger Clinic to bring 3D printed ‘Hero Arm’ to US

Open Bionics announced on Thursday that it has partnered with Hanger Clinic to bring the first-ever medically-certified 3D-printed bionic arm to the United States. The robotic arm used to only be available in the UK and France. The 3D printed Hero Arm is a lightweight and affordable myoelectric prosthesis with multi-grip functionality developed for those... Read More »

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