Fiat Unveils Centoventi Modular Concept Electric Car with 3D Printable Parts

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Italian vehicle manufacturer Fiat has unveiled an electric concept car called the Centoventi. Completely modular, the vehicle can be customized with 3D printable parts that could be fabricated at home.

Fiat Unveils Centoventi Modular Concept Electric Car with 3D Printable Parts

At the Geneva Motor Show, Fiat launched the Centoventi concept car — a curious vehicle notable not for being weird or wonderful like many of the cars it shares the show floor with, but for its likely appeal to 3D printing fanatics eager to customize their world.

Fiat’s concept car is completely modular, and the company suggests that with the rise of 3D printing it’ll become possible to print new parts at home. Displayed at the show as a grey metal model, the Centroventi bears some resemblance to the company’s Panda, albeit with a plethora of customization options.

The concept proposes a choice of four paint wraps, four bumpers, four wheel covers, and four roofs. On top of that, Fiat has 114 different accessories to choose from, from a Bluetooth speaker holder and camera mount to bottle holder and jazzy seat cushions.

The company explains in a press release: “[T]his is a new business model for automotive accessories, enabling them to be resold or traded on the Web, nurturing a real community of brand fans or connoisseurs of Fiat’s Italian design, just as with collectors’ items… This new business model is focused on e-Commerce, the virtual market that knows no boundaries.”

What Would Your Centoventi Look Like?

The fun with this modular car doesn’t stop at customizing it. Fiat has also designed a tailgate which can be used to display messages to others. The idea is that this space could be rented to advertisers to generate some extra cash while you’re driving around.

Further innovation is presented in scalable, add-on battery packs extending the Centoventi’s range from 100km as standard, to 500km+.ut, if you need to travel further afield, it’s a simple case of buying extra battery packs to reach a range of up to 500km.

Although there have been many 3D printed design suggestions for the future of cars (with some ground being broken by MINI in 2017), this is a fascinating one for anyone who wants a car which genuinely reflects their tastes.

SOURCE: all3dp site

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