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Fraunhofer IST researchers develop 3D printing plasma jetting method for bone implants

Researchers at the Fraunhofer Institute for Surface Engineering and Thin Films IST have developed a method using cold plasma to 3D print patient-specific plastic bone implants. As part of the EU-funded research and innovation project “FAST”, which stands for “Functionally graded Additive Manufacturing (AM) scaffolds by hybrid manufacturing,”  the German research institute as well as... Read More »

Italian researchers strengthen the aerospace part qualification process

Italian researchers have published research that describes a method to improve the aerospace part validation process. The part qualification method was tested on a 3D printed metal bracket used in satellites.  A digital model of the metal bracket used in the study. Image via IOP Publishing 3D printing metal aerospace parts In such applications, the... Read More »

Make your own filament with this 3D Printable Pelletizer from MTU

Professor Joshua M. Pearce, of the Materials Science and Engineering department at Michigan Technological University (also a regular on these pages) and Aubrey L. Woern, an undergraduate Mechanical Engineering student have created a 3D Printable Polymer Pelletizer Chopper for cost-effective additive manufacturing. This new invention chops filament into pellets to be used within a fused granular... Read More »

Clemson University researchers develop ceramic laser 3D printing method to create sustainable energy

Seeking to improve energy storage solutions, researchers from South Carolina’s Clemson University, are developing a new 3D printing technique that converts electricity into hydrogen. As part of the $1.6 million research venture, Jianhua “Joshua” Tong, an Associate Professor of the Department of Materials Science and Engineering at Clemson University and a team of engineers are... Read More »

Indian researchers harvest water from fog and dew using 3D printing

Researchers at the Indian Institute of Technology in Mandi (IIT), India, have made harvesting water from fog possible using 3D printing technology. Dr. Venkata Krishnan, an Associate Professor of Chemistry at IIT has been involved in this research and has co-authored several scientific papers. The final result is a culmination of different research projects conducted since... Read More »

BMBF project creates novel concepts for metal 3D printing in automotive production

The German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) project has concluded after three years of examining the “Integration of Additive Manufacturing Processes in Automobile Series Production,” also known as “AutoAdd.” Coordinated by Daimler AG, a German multinational automotive corporation, this BMBF project included BMW Group, GKN Sinter Metals Engineering,TRUMPF, Autodesk, as well as the... Read More »

Research review: 3D printed gold, JAXA carbon fiber composites, multimaterial electronics

An affiliate of “National Additive Manufacturing Innovation Institute” America Makes, the latest edition of Additive Manufacturing journal is scheduled for publication in December 2018. Now in volume 24,  this edition will feature over 50 research articles from institutions all around the globe including the University of Twente, Tokyo University of Science and the University of Milan. At 3D... Read More »

UTEP creates “world first” volumetric circuit with automated 3D printing

The Electromagnetics and Photonics Lab (EM Lab) of the University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP) has developed an automated process for 3D printing electronics. Incorporating all pre-made components, (e.g. metallic tracks, integrated circuits and transistors) and assembly, the technique enables the fabrication of volumetric circuits with unconventional shapes. EM Lab research assistant Cesar Valle explains, “Typically,... Read More »

America Makes announces project call, $5.9 million funding available

America Makes, the U.S. additive manufacturing accelerator based in Youngstown, Ohio, has announced a new round of funding for projects. The round is focused on Advanced Tools for Rapid Qualification (ATRQ). The goal of the ATRQ is the development of cost and energy-efficient AM technologies with defense and commercial potential. Only America Makes’ applied R&D project members... Read More »

California researchers develop 3D printed graphene structures for supercapacitors

Researchers at the University of California, Santa Cruz (UCSC) and Lawrence Livermore Laboratory (LLNL) have developed a 3D printing technique for graphene-based aerogel electrodes used within energy storage devices such as supercapacitors. Graphene, an allotrope of carbon, is revered for its mechanical strength which (when in an appropriate form) exceeds steel, its electric and thermal... Read More »

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