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ACS Custom doubles production efficiency with 3D Systems Figure 4 Standalone 3D printer

ACS Custom, a UK-based customized ear protection and in-ear devices producer, has reported its productivity following the acquisition of two Figure 4 Standalone 3D printers from 3D Systems. According to ACS, the acquisition has resulted in an 80% reduction of associated labor costs and a 50% decrease in materials consumption. Reportedly, the Figure 4 Standalones, released... Read More »

Poietis launches Next Generation Bioprinting systems for research and clinical use

French biotechnology company Poietis, has announced the launch of a new 4D bioprinting platform. Titled Next Generation Bioprinting (NGB), the technology incorporates automation, robotics and sensors, to improve performance. It is also to be realized in two new 3D bioprinters from the company: the NGB-R, for research applications, and the NGB-C, to meet future clinical needs of... Read More »

Precise Bio opens ophthalmology facility to develop 3D printed corneas

Precise Bio, a biotechnology company based in North Carolina, has established a dedicated ophthalmology business unit in its Winston-Salem facility. In addition to its 4D Bio Fabrication Platform, the unit aims to advance 3D bioprinting research for the eyes. “As the first company to transplant a 3D printed corneal graft in animals, we are uniquely positioned... Read More »

Walter Reed National Military Medical Center adopts Adaptiiv’s bolus software for cancer treatment

Adaptiiv Medical Technologies, a Canadian 3D software maker for the medical industry, has announced that the U.S military will use Adaptiiv’s 3D Bolus software in the treatment of veterans suffering from cancer. The technology will be employed at the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center (WRNMMC), Bethesda, Maryland, the largest military medical center in the... Read More »

3D Systems partners with Amann Girrbach for faster dental device production

3D Systems has announced that Amann Girrbach, an Austrian dental technologies company, will be utilizing its award-winning NextDent 5100 3D printer to optimize dental device production. As a result, Ceramill, Amann Girrbach’s suite of CAD/CAM software, has been integrated into 3D Systems’ 3D Sprint software for use in the NextDent 5100. This will better equip dental... Read More »

University of Utah develops 3D bioprinting for ligaments and tendons

A new 3D bioprinting method has been developed by biomedical engineers from the University of Utah. With the aim to improve a patient’s recovery, biomedical engineering assistant professor Robby Bowles, and his team, have developed a method to 3D print stem cells from a patient’s own body fat to form tendons and ligaments. “[This] will allow... Read More »

Qatar’s first conjoined twin separation surgery made possible by 3D printing

Sidra Medicine, a specialist medical facility, has announced a successful outcome for a complex medical procedure. A nine-hour operation to separate conjoined twins, Hamad and Tamim, was the culmination of months work by a team of more than 150 medical and support staff. The important milestone and successful outcome was achieved through planning the procedure... Read More »

GWU’s blossoming 4D printed biostructure contributes to regenerative medicine research

Researchers from George Washington University (GWU) have developed a 4D bioprinting technique to create multi-responsive smart structures for nerve regeneration. In a proof-of-concept study published in Advanced Biosystems, the researchers produced a smart nerve guidance conduit capable of “blooming like a flower.” Blossoming 4D printed biostructures Regenerative medicine research working towards functional artificial organs has... Read More »

Consolidation in medical 3D printing market, K2M acquired by Stryker in $1.4 billion deal

Virginia medical device manufacturer K2M is to be acquired by Michigan headquartered FORTUNE 500 medical technology firm Stryker (NYSE:SYK). Both companies apply 3D printing technology to the production of spinal implants. In the terms of the acquisition, K2M is to become a wholly owned subsidiary of Stryker at the aquisition price of $27.50 per share, generating a... Read More »

HP partners with CDC to test and bioprint antibiotics

HP has announced its participation in the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) pilot program that aims to develop new antibiotics designed to fight antimicrobial-resistant bacteria. According to the CDC, a U.S. healthcare organization, infectious diseases with resistant organisms caused by antibiotics are difficult to treat, requiring costly and sometimes toxic alternatives. With HP’s... Read More »

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