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Researchers Use 3D Printing and Basic Electronic Components to Make Neuroscience More Accessible

While I was worse in math, science was also not one of my strong suits in school. So anything that makes it easier for students to better understand these complex subjects is a good idea, in my humble opinion. Tom Baden, a professor of neuroscience at the University of Sussex, has been collaborating with his... Read More »

A closer look at the developing electronics 3D printing industry

Electronics 3D printing is an area of additive still in its infancy. With plenty of space for potential commercial competition, it is interesting to note upcoming developments in the field from the research sphere. Last month, 3D Printing Industry published an article about a team from the University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP) who demonstrated the... Read More »

UTEP creates “world first” volumetric circuit with automated 3D printing

The Electromagnetics and Photonics Lab (EM Lab) of the University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP) has developed an automated process for 3D printing electronics. Incorporating all pre-made components, (e.g. metallic tracks, integrated circuits and transistors) and assembly, the technique enables the fabrication of volumetric circuits with unconventional shapes. EM Lab research assistant Cesar Valle explains, “Typically,... Read More »

Lockheed Martin 3D printed antenna database funded in NextFlex $12 millon offering

An additive manufacturing project at American global defense contractor Lockheed Martin has won the support of NextFlex, America’s Flexible Hybrid Electronics (FHE) Manufacturing Institute. This year the institute, which was formed by the U.S. Department of Defence (DoD) and FlexTech Alliance, split a fund of $12 million between a total of seven projects, led by... Read More »

New 2.5D inkjet printing method guides precise medical research

Due to its drop on demand precision, inkjet based 3D printing presents researchers with the stimulating prospect of creating microscopic and complex devices for use in medical and chemical research. Microfluidics and lab on a chip devices, used to study the effects substances and stimuli, are an emerging method cutting down lab space to conduct... Read More »

Latest 3D printing jobs in materials, software, dental, hardware development

Career seekers – 3D Printing Jobs awaits. Sign up now to hone in on all the latest opportunities in mechanical and electrical engineering, sales, marketing, business development, technical, web development, finance and more. Employers – it’s not too late to post your current vacancies for free via our 3D printing jobs board. We have extended our introductory... Read More »

XSTRAND™ a new material for functional prototyping and tooling applications

Composite materials are leading the way for high-performance 3D printed prototypes. In tooling, electronics and automotive industries, businesses require materials that can withstand industrial-grade thermal, tensile and pressural tests. Owens Corning, a leading supplier of glass fiber for composites, has developed the XSTRAND™ line of fiberglass 3D printer filaments to fulfil manufacturing’s demand for functional... Read More »