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Perfect Day is 3D printing dairy milk without the cow

Nov 20, 2018 | By Cameron There are more and more non-dairy milks hitting the shelves, from soy and hemp to pecans and flax seed, but a milk alternative (hopefully) coming in 2019 is actually a dairy product, despite the fact that it comes out of a 3D printer and not a cow’s udder. Founded... Read More »

SISMA introduces Everes Zero and Everes Uno 3D printers with Zero Tilting Technology

Italian 3D printer manufacturer SISMA has introduced two DLP systems: the Everes Zero and Everes Uno. Expected for commercial release in the second quarter of 2019, the 3D printers were first exhibited to the public at Formnext 2018 and are designed for increased automation. Gianni Zitelli Head of 3D Resin Technology at SISMA. Photo by Michael Petch. SISMA... Read More »

BMW Surpasses One Million 3D Printed Automotive Components

BMW Group has been using 3D printing for more than 25 years, and in the last decade has produced a million parts using the technology. This year alone, the company expects that it will 3D print more than 200,000 components, a 42 percent increase over last year. And BMW Group is just getting started. The... Read More »

DWS Counterclaim Accuses Formlabs of IP Infringement

November 20, 2018 Italy-based DWS have accused Formlabs of IP infringement as part of the on-going legal battle between the two companies. This DWS counterclaim alleges that Formlabs is infringing on the ‘456 Patent for DWS’ SLA printing technology. More specifically, they allege infringement between the Form 2 and the technology in the DWS X series and DW systems.... Read More »

INTAMSYS launches dual nozzle FUNMAT PRO 410 for all-in-one functional polymer 3D printer

High performance 3D printer materials manufacturer INTAMSYS, headquartered in Shanghai, has released the FUNMAT PRO 410. Termed an “all-in-one” solution, the FUNMAT PRO 410 is designed to work with a diverse selection of materials. Many filaments, from low temperature PLA, through to engineering-grade and high performance polymers like PC, PA, PA+CF and PC, PA, PA+CF... Read More »

Interview with Origin 3D Printing CEO Chris Prucha

Origin launched while announcing an “Open Additive Production“…platform…”a new way to build based on open materials, extensible software, and modular hardware” and a simultaneous partnership with BASF to develop materials for it. They mentioned a “combination of surface finish, mechanical strength, and throughput that is unmatched in the industry” without any data to back it... Read More »

Personalised 3D-printed models of patients’ hearts can be used to plan surgery – Dezeen

London-based design studio Cellule has devised a system for creating personalised digital and 3D-printed models of hearts, which can be used to help doctors plan surgery for transplant patients. Initiated in September 2017, Big Heart Data explores the role of 3D printing and parametric modelisation in heart surgery, and its potential to create a customisable... Read More »

Holiday Planning Tips: #5 Promote Your Products In Tactful Ways

You may not be a marketing specialist, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use some marketing tips to help promote your products this holiday season. These simple, easy-to-follow tips will not only help generate more interest in your products over the next few weeks but also lead to more long-term business success. Dive Deep Into... Read More »

We Interview Gil Lavi About 3D Alliances & Selling Through 3D Printing Channel and Resellers

Gil Lavi is a 3D printing veteran who spent nine years at Stratasys doing regional channel management and Strategic Account Management. He then managed strategic accounts for Makerbot in Europe, was the Vice President of Sales at Roboze before becoming Head of Channel Enablement at BigRep. Gil packs a lot of channel and sales expertise as... Read More »

Warning Signs in New 3D Printing Findings – Occupational Health and Safety

Warning Signs in New 3D Printing Findings “Following our series of studies – the most extensive to date on 3D printer emissions – we are recommending additional investments in scientific research and product advancement to minimize emissions and increased user awareness so safety measures can be taken,” said Marilyn Black, vice president and senior technical... Read More »

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