Designer Beer Holthuis creates PaperPulpPrinter that uses paper pulp instead of plastic

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Nov 7, 2018 | By Thomas

There is a growing market for 3D printing on demand. 3D printing is much faster and less wasteful than traditional manufacturing. Problem is, the print material is almost always plastic—one of the worst materials for the environment. Designer Beer Holthuis wondered why there isn’t more sustainable materials for 3D printing. He has figured out that sopping wet paper could be one of the best materials and created Paper Pulp Printer, the world’s first 3D printer that uses paper pulp instead of plastic.

Holthuis repurposed the amount of paper we waste every year, which amounts to 80 kg per person, into a pulp that needs a little of natural binder, making the printed products endlessly recyclable.

“The design of the printed objects are using the possibilities and beauty of this technique,” said Holthuis. “The tactile experience, bold lines and print speed results in distinctive shapes. The objects are also durable: Printed paper is surprisingly strong.”

Holthuis uses natural binder to stick the layers together, ensuring that the entire system is recyclable. In addition, the pieces it prints are beautifully marbled.

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