Materials realism at core of Keyshot 8.0 release

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If you’re rendering sparkly materials, fluids with bubbles or other awesomeness, then this is the release for you!

Luxion has announced the release of KeyShot 8, which introduces a host of new tools and enhancements that aim to provide the advanced features and flexibility 3D professionals to create amazing visuals, while delivering on speed and quality.

While KeyShot built its reputation of providing a very efficient route from CAD data to rendered output, recent releases has seen the company start to introduce more sophisticated control over how both scenes are constructed and how materials, in particular, are defined.

KeyShot 8 continues much of this work adding advanced technology and features such as displacement mapping, materials with embedded flakes and bubbles, volumetric materials including volume caustics, liquid interfaces, interactive cutaways, interactive image colour and intensity curve adjustments, material ways for advanced product configurations, and much more.

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